The Fairytale of the Oberegger Alm

Once upon a time there was a small and humble farm, high on the mountain and far above the village of “Olang”. In this serene paradise high up on the mountain you could see far into the Upper Pustervalley, you could almost take a walk on rainbows and touch the summits of the Dolomites. The “Rieserferner” mountain range faced that beautiful spot, where rays of sunlight tickled you first thing in the morning and delighted until evening. This place of unchallenged harmony was about to change…

Broadminded people with a lot of foresight discovered skiing for themselves! One considered the slopes of the “Kronplatz” perfectly suited, in particular the South side towards the direction of the village of “Olang” with its sunniest mountain meadows and pastures – simply perfect!

So, first ski lifts were built on the “Kronplatz” in the 1960s.

The old farm, in its small but blissful world, dreamy but merry, went unimpressed through this transformation into modernity.

Later, for some years the doors of the farm remained closed and locked; walls and wooden boards got cracks and creases.

The magic of the secret paradise however, wasn’t lost – it only needed some attention.

Finally, in 2003 the old masonry was ready for its renewal: the restoration took place with greatest care, allowing the picturesque beauty and charm of the place to develop once more.

The old house, which was renovated with greatest care and attention to detail, tells of past times, custom and tradition.

While the sixteenth century listed building was used privately until a few decades ago, it represents a pleasant meeting point for trekking tourists and skiers today.

The old place emits cosiness and warmth – you can enjoy a good glass of wine and a traditional snack in the original wood-panelled living-room (Stube) dating from 1680.

The cowshed of past-times was also transformed into an additional “Stube”, where hay-mangers are remnants of the original purpose of the room.
Also the original kitchen with its black, sooty ceiling is part of the hut – a large table invites to friendly gatherings and celebrations.

And yet something has altered: The rooms are filled with beautiful scents and aromas, friendly voices, charming accents of expecting guests, who have become friends.